Andrew Niess, PhD
audiovisual researcher | instrument maker | editor


book chapters
“Troubling Vocality: The Human Microphone and Parahuman Attunement,” in Oxford Handbook of Protest Music, eds. Noriko Manabe and Eric Drott, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

“Composing with Infrastructures: Parapersonal Pedagogies for Environmental Humanities Classrooms,” in Ecopedagogies: Practical Approaches to Experiential Learning, eds. Ellen Bayer and Judson Finley, (Routledge, 2022), co-authored with Davy Knittle.

peer-reviewed journal articles
“The Emergence of Sō-on in Industrial Japan: Kōjō Ongaku and An/aesthetic Strategies for Factory Management,” Journal of Japanese Studies (accepted, forthcoming 2024), co-authored with Keisuke Yamada.

Reorienting Sonic Creativity amid Ecological Disorientation,” PhD dissertation (University of Pennsylvania).

Breath-Controlled Instrument Design for Ecological Crises,” Master’s thesis (University of Pennsylvania).

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